The Spirit of Volunteering

Volunteers have built this great nation and we believe in continuing that legacy. 

The pillar of Volunteering is an integral foundation to ‘Back to the Bush’s’ five other pillars. 

We volunteer our time for communities, the environment and the greater good and help shape better futures for those that are disadvantaged. 

Without volunteers the greater good of humanity will collapse and we will be left with a society and environment in peril. 

From bush rehabilitation to natural disaster arrangements, we are continuously calling for volunteers to assist our mission.

Community Response

The spirit of volunteers underpin our ability to affectively respond to the environment and the needs of the community. 

Guide and Adventure

Volunteer guiding is one of our many inherit passions. We believe like-minded individuals who love and respect the Australia’s unique biospheres as much as us should not pay to see it. 

We conduct regular guided walks and tours within our favourite regions. 

Strike Teams

We mobilise volunteer strike teams for both environmental management and addressing the needs of communities.