Rapid Response

Though we can’t be in multiple places at the same time, we try our best to respond and deploy resources accordingly to a plethora of incidents and situations. We also respond to issues that concern us through rapid and active political engagement and lobbying.

Our ability to organise, mobilise and respond is a drop in the ocean when compared to the competencies of larger more professional volunteer organisations such as the NSW RFS, SES and other independent non-profits and charities such as the Rapid Relief Team, Red Cross etc.. 

We do however play very important roles in coordinating efforts of volunteers on the ground and delegating critical tasks to help bridge the gap between community needs and environmental issues with the government and large organisations.

Our inherent ability to rapidly respond to where we can be of assistance is due to our founder’s long-standing dedication and experience with other volunteer emergency services agencies, such as the NSW RFS.

The Needs of the Community

We actively respond to the needs of communities outside of the metropolitan bubble through varying avenues and further engagement as well as on-volunteering with other organisations and collaborative arrangements. 

The Needs of our Environment

We are passionate about protecting and preserving our environment. We will go to any length to see it restored to pre-colonial times when the natural symbiotic regimes and Indigenous prescriptions kept our environment in relative check.

Advocating and Lobbying

Our engaged, active lobbying and activism campaigns are bipartisan. We engage with people from all walks of life and political parties. We want the overregulation to stop, particularly when it comes to managing our land. 

Our purpose is to serve through any means through the darkest of hours. Safe and resilient communities and environments give Australia its identity and strengthens the fabric of our national security.