Our Story

Our Origins

“As a first generation Australian, Back to the Bush is a small token of my appreciation to Australia for adopting and sheltering my family from a darkness beyond our shores.


Our founder is a First Generation Australian. He arrived in Australia from the Middle East with his family seeking asylum and a better life. For the first time in generations, after arriving to Australia, his family is now safe from persecution, suffering and a darkness he wishes befalls no other human.

The connection with his Indigenous land has been permanently severed. He is unable to return to where his family lived for thousands of years due to the fear of death and persecution by those that have committed genocide and continue to commit cultural genocide. Almost every trace of his family and his Indigenous culture has been wiped out.

The link that was severed for the first time in thousands of years has been transformed into a spiritual connection with the adopted Australian land and her custodians.

Life Outside the City Bubble

We want to take you on a journey beyond the metropolitan bubble and provide you with independent observations and experiences free from political narratives and scientific bias.

What is the state of the environment?

Who needs our help?

What stories matter from the people of the bush?

What should we believe, are there different perspectives we’re not privy to?

Are current land management practices preserving our environment?

Are the broad and mainstream views telling the full story?


These are some of the many questions we hope to answer or provide insights towards.


Back to the Bush has Indigenous representation on its board and are advisors to the Treaty Council. We are engaged with the Indigenous community through the Treaty Council. With the Treaty Council’s directive, Back to the Bush has scope to comment on and advocate for varying Indigenous issues and their cultural processes when it comes to the bush and land management.

We believe in action and not rhetoric or false virtue prerogatives when it comes to Australia’s first people.

A Self-confessed Tree Hugger

With over 30,000 hours in the wilderness, we love our trees, plants and wildlife.

Our trees sit at the top of cycles that give breath to all living things on earth. We feel their energy which profoundly binds our environment and the fabric of the biospheres together.

‘I love how they come in all shapes, sizes, and different growth rates.’

Our trees have long suffered indiscriminate logging, most of our old growth has been lost forever. Today, our trees are under a new threat, and it breaks our hearts to know that those entrusted with preserving and protecting our trees have failed time and time again.

We will continue our fight physically and through active advocacy to preserve and protect our most cherished lifeform and the broader environment.

Australia’s new/emerging trees and the old gods bring peace and solitude to our world, protecting and promoting them is an inherent passion to us.

A Genuine Connection

Our connection with the land, environment and its people transcends from deep within our origins, DNA and spiritual beliefs. We are passionate about helping the disadvantaged and preserving and protecting our environment, not just for future generations, but because the very fabric of humanity depends on it.