Our Core Purpose

We have risked our life, welfare and reputation for the environment.

We are here to promote, preserve, protect and advocate for the environment. The environment is core to everything that we do and we are deeply connected with the energy of our unique biospheres.

The Land and Biospheres

Australia’s biospheres and the macro and micro environments that support it are unlike anything in the world. We are on a mission to journey you into these environments and raise awareness of their power, glory and their needs to ensure we all understand what is required to preserve and protect them.

Our Commitment to the Land

Our connection is deep-rooted, spiritual and genuine. We have received the blessings and respect from Indigenous Australians who have observed our work and interaction with the land and the intricate systems of natural and spiritual law that governs over all life within our environments. As such, we are committed to the mission of protecting and preserving our environment through a plethora of means with the blessings of Indigenous custodians.

Defend and Fight

The transcending energy of our environment makes us who we are. We have risked our lives to preserve, protect and advocate for our land and environment. 

We have a huge task ahead of us after the recent bushfires to make things right again. We must ensure our environment is being managed in a way that is free of political and scientific bias, hidden agendas and extremes that have proven to be hostile to the fabric of the life forces that govern the mechanisms of Australia’s diverse biospheres. 

The continent of Australia is one of the world’s most ecologically diverse environments. For this reason, it is imperative that every Australian profoundly upholds the core principles of conservation.