The Pillar of Serving the Community

Australians from all walks of life have suffered greatly most recently in the hands of mother nature. Our communities faced the drought, fires and floods and are stronger today than ever before, but they still need our help to grow and become more resilient.

We have served the community actively and directly 
through various natural disaster arrangements and initiatives and indirectly through our founder’s involvement as a volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service and fund-raising campaigns.


We have assisted communities directly through various fundraising efforts and indirectly through other charities and organisations to mobilise and source funds.

Active Engagement

We have participated heavily in national disasters actively and as a third party coordinator with varying non-profit and charitable organisations.
Back to the Bush

Continuing the Community Spirit

We are involved indirectly in several community organisations with our founder being an active member of the NSW Rural Fire Service. 

As a first generation Australian, Back to the Bush is a small token of my appreciation to Australia for adopting and sheltering my family from a darkness beyond our shores.