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Indigenous-led and backed, ‘Back to the Bush Australia’ is a registered non-profit social and environmental charity that has been operated and headlined by a first-generation Australian over the past decade. 

‘Back to the Bush,’ actively focuses on raising grass-roots awareness of Australia’s diverse environments and the conservation of the land, bush culture and heritage.

Back to the Bush focuses on promoting: grass-roots issues outside of the metropolitan bubble [including every aspect of Australia’s bush culture and heritage]; the spirit of volunteering and community philanthropy, including speaking to lonely Australians; Australia’s diverse environments; domestic and local travel/tourism across regions beyond our cities; and actively assisting communities impacted by natural disasters.

Back to the Bush Australia also fosters every aspect of our commitment to preserve our natural heritage and to educate Australians on the importance of Indigenous land management, including aspects of land manegemnt through sustainable agriculture.
Additionally, Back to the Bush Australia’s mission is to bridge the gap between rural and regional communities, the government and the citizens of metropolitan Australia.

Earth’s most ecologically unique and diverse environments are found on the continent of Australia. For this reason, it is imperative that every Australian profoundly upholds the core principles of conservation.

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My commitment is to fight for, and defend Australia’s environment and the extraordinary life-forces that exist within our diverse living biospheres for future generations.

Back to the Bush

Every Australian must champion the core values of conservation to preserve our unique natural assets for future generations. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

Showing Treaty Council's Alex Wymarra my backyard, The NSW Blue Mountains

Conservation has no colour, it is colour blind. 

Very few people are profoundly connected to the environment as I am, and fewer would risk their life for it. If in doubt, you only have to look at my content, history and reports. If you’re still in doubt, I can get a few respected Indigenous Australians on the line for you to speak to. Only they have the power and ability to judge one’s connection with the land.