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Back to the Bush Indigenous Corporation
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‘Back to the Bush Indigenous Corporation’ is a registered Indigenous social and environmental charity directed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons. Our Founder and head-volunteer is a first-generation Australian migrant of an indigenous background.

Back to the Bush and the Sacred Sites Preservation Project are the social, cultural and environmental charities of the Treaty Council Worldwide

Our volunteers are the authorised ambassadors and rangers of the Treaty Council’s mission. We work with the Treaty Council to unite and support grassroots (tribal) Aboriginal nations and clans across the continent. Our directors co-direct and advise both organisations.
We have real solutions to close the gap and break the wheel through economic sovereignty and independence.
Apical elders and tribes of several nations across Australia recognise our rangers.
The charity fosters every aspect of our commitment to preserve our natural heritage and to educate Australians on the importance of aboriginal land management. This includes sustainable prescriptions by private managers and agriculture, perpetuating endemic fire regimes to restore balance and harmony to Australia’s diverse biospheres. Additionally, the charity’s mission is to bridge the gap between rural, regional and aboriginal communities, the government, and the citizens of metropolitan Australia.
‘Back to the Bush’ actively focuses on responding to the needs of the community and country, raising grass-roots awareness of Australia’s diverse environments and advancing the environment including conservation of the land, bush culture and heritage. Other aspects of the organisation’s scope include but are not limited to: advocacy of grass-roots issues outside of the metropolitan bubble [including every aspect of Australia’s bush culture and heritage]; the spirit of volunteering and community philanthropy; working with grassroots indigenous communities to improve outcomes, advancing Australia’s diverse environments, and actively assisting communities impacted by natural disasters.
Earth’s most ecologically unique and diverse environments are found on the continent of Australia. For this reason, it is imperative that every Australian profoundly upholds the core principles of conservation.
With the mandate and blessings of current and emerging elders across several nations and clans, we are the recognised rangers on Country. 
We’re closely observing the recovery of the environment, monitoring prescriptions and advancing the interests of local aboriginal mobs and their right to manage the land and country. We are their eyes, ears and spiritual barometer on Country.

Most of our private & independent 'wilderness' surveys are conducted by foot in the backcountry and from the air over sacred lands and rivers, with the oversight of local tribal elders.

Back to the Bush
My commitment is to fight for and defend Australia’s environment and the extraordinary life forces within our diverse living biospheres for future generations. 
Every Australian must champion the core values of conservation to preserve our unique natural assets for future generations. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.
Director of the Treaty Council & Back to the Bush, Alex Wymarra, in the NSW Blue Mountains
Conservation has no colour, it is colour blind. 

Very few people are profoundly connected to the environment as we are, and fewer would risk their life for it. Our very ethos is on display through our actions, content, history and reports. If in doubt, we encourage you to reach out to respected indigenous Australians we closely work with. Only they have the ultimate power and ability to judge one’s spiritual connection with the land.